Biographies of Famous Pro-Skateboarders

Nyjah Imani Huston

Born of American descent on November 30th, 1994 in California, Imani has grown to be one of the best all time skateboarders. He started skating at the tender age of four, and he says that he owes much of his success to the upbringing that he had. At only 21 years of age, he is the highest paid skateboarder in history and ranks among the top 15 most influential skateboarders ever. He has been the overall winner of the SLS (Street League Skateboarding) competition for five years since 2010 having lost the top spot only in 2013 and 2011. He remains a powerful figure in the skateboarding world that younger generations can look up to.

Eric Koston

Born on April 29, 1975, Eric is a pro-skateboarder as well as a company owner, and he has been skating from the year 1986. He was first sponsored by the H-Street Company from which he later parted ways so as to seek bigger ventures. Heb has won very numerous accolades, and he remains one of the bets skateboarders alive. He has appeared in lots of video games and even Nike had a shoe that was named after him. He is also a great businessman who has enabled him to build a large business that is doing well.

Sean Malto

Born in Kansas, America back on September 9, 1989, Sean has been an outstanding skateboarder and even won the Street League Skateboarding in 2011. He started skating at the tender age of 10, and he has never looked back ever since. His love of skateboarding came from his brothers Chris and Justin. His first sponsor was from Girl Skateboards, and it has always been them and continues. He has also ventured into the business by co-owning the Saint Archer Brewing Co. having won several accolades in his career as well as appearing in many videos; he is considered a great skateboarder of this age.

Rodney Mullen

Born on August 17, 1966, Mullen is not just a pro skateboarder but an inventor, public speaker and entrepreneur as well. He continues to practice street as well as freestyle skateboarding until this day despite him being 50 years of age. He is credited with inventing these various skateboard tricks like the flatground Ollie, kickflip, heelflip, 360flip as well as the Impossible. He has been successful enough to be in over 20 skateboarding videos and has even written a book that is titled how to skateboard and not kill yourself, to offer guidance to the upcoming generation of skateboarders.

Marc Johnson

Born back on January 6th of 1977 in North Carolina, he is a pro-skateboarder that is well known for being the founder of Enjoi skateboard brand as well as receiving the thrasher “Skater of the year” award back in 2007. He played a lot of table tennis and even became a champion before he went into skateboarding. He moved from North Carolina to California and was subsequently sponsored by Maple. He joined the A-Team and skated with them for a while before he quit and started his brand called Enjoi. He has also appeared in over 20 skateboarding videos and remains one of the influential skateboarding pros.



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