History of Skateboarding


Have you ever wondered who, why and how skateboarding was invented? Well, I will give you a little bit of history on the sport of skateboarding.

This sport started in the 60’s in California when the surfers wanted to bring surfing to the streets. So they got themselves a piece of wood and put some roller skate wheels on the bottom of the board and took surfing to the streets. There is no real proof of who was the true inventor of the skateboard. This has remained a mystery since the first skateboard was used and still remains a mystery.

When the surfers brought this new sport to the streets, of course, this new sport brought a lot of injuries to the surfers who were experimenting with developing this new and different sport

We are taking a walk down memory lane and looking at the history of skateboarding. It started off as “sidewalk surfing” and was closely related to surfing back then, a kind of offshoot. The fact is that skateboards we are pretty sure originated in California, so you can see the connection.

They were developed at first it is believed in the 1940’s, but only began to gain popularity in the 1960’s onwards. Surfers used them as a kind of dry surfing run, and kids who couldn’t get to the beach found skateboarding as the next best thing. The first skateboards were surfboard shaped, but the board widened as people started using skateboards more inventively, and ramps started being used.

The history of skateboarding shows us that once skateboard parks came onto the scene things really started to rock and roll! People started all sorts of cool tricks. They started doing nose wheelies, which is riding on the front wheels, and the 360 was invented, which is spinning around on the back wheels. I hope this isn’t dullsville for you, but I like finding out about the history of skateboarding, it’s neat to know how things are connected, and how sports develop and grow.

The Ollie was the first skateboard trick of the modern era, and after the Ollie things really hotted up. If you don’t know what the Ollie is, it is to fly off the ground with the board, but not holding onto the board, and then landing back on the board. You can use your feet to press against the board in all types of ways for various maneuvers and tricks. This must have been ultra-exciting when this was first created. By the way, do you know where the name of the Ollie came from? It was the creator’s middle name, Alan Ollie Gelfand.

During the time since skateboarding has been concocted, this game has gone from being well known to taking ubiquity plunges once in a while. Regardless of what happens, I feel that skateboarding will dependably be with us as an extraordinary game. This game is continually changing and will keep on changing as time develops year in year out.

So now the question remains, “Where will skateboarding go from here?”…Wherever the new age extraordinary skater takes it!

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