Skateboarding, How To Get Started


There are many levels of skateboarding tricks you can try. Some of them you will master in a short span of time. Others are going to take more time and dedication. However, here are some tips to help you learn them and have fun at the same time. You need to be motivated. Learn from your mistakes so that you can do better. If you are too hard on yourself, you won’t be able to learn like you should.

Everyone knows that mastering a trick requires a commitment to practice. It means trying to do it over and over no matter how many times you fall. But before you try to master any trick, make sure you know the basic about skateboarding first.

If you are planning to try the sport for the first time, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Get the right gear. It is not enough that you have the skateboard because if you do, you are just asking for trouble. Aside from the board, you have to have a helmet. Even pros wear one. Wear protective pads as well. Another is a good pair of skateboarding shoes. Although you will be able to skate with any pair of shoes, it is always an advantage to wearing something that is designed for such sport. And skateboarding using the regular pair of shoes is very difficult.

2. You should also learn how to ride. There are skateboard video clips that teach interested individuals how to do that. Get use to how it feels to ride the board. It is important that you feel comfortable with it before trying anything else. Identify which way you want to stand. Figure out which way you are more at ease. Usually, it is done with the left foot on the front. This is called the regular. If you’d rather have your right foot in front, that’s all right. This stance, on the other hand, is called goofy.

3. If you are comfortable with riding the board, try pushing it. You need to be doing this on a smooth concrete surface. You can probably start on your driveway. Just make sure that it is safe. Practice this often and make sure that you are at ease with maneuvering the board before you trying any tricks. It would be cool to be able to learn it right away, but you have to master the basics first before you can be successful with any trick.

In any endeavor, it is essential that you learn the basics first. The pros learned to do the tricks by mastering the basic moves and wearing the right gears. If you have seen some skateboard video clips, you will know that no skateboarder was successful with any trick without learning how to ride or maneuver his board.

Nobody said that you could never do what the pros do. But no one also said that attempting it would be easy. If you want to learn how to skateboard and be one of the best at it, you have to be patient and take it a step at a time. It is important that you wear the right gear to stay safe and start with the basic moves to be comfortable being on the board.

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